Aurelio Llano Foundation


The Aurelio Llano Posada Foundation is a non profit organization which is committed to the Colombian peasant population and to the promotion of an integral rural development. To this end, we create initiatives towards knowledge, research and technology. The Foundation involves itself in the areas of production, environment and society. We participate in as well as strengthen strategic alliances with related institutions in order to encourage the peasant population to remain in their communities and regions.


The Aurelio Llano Posada Foundation will be an institution which will strengthen the necessary conditions for the promotion of an integral rural development which is profitable, sustainable and which contributes to the improvement of the quality of life for peasant communities, taking into account the local and regional identities and their potentialities.



Strategic Areas


To contribute to rural development in the long range, by promoting technical education and rural technology.


To offer poor, rural young people the opportunity to have access to higher learning.


To stimulate and support the creation of entrepreneurial and/or social development projects as well as student research.

To motivate students to stay within their own communities and regions when they complete their studies by having them participate in development projects.


Income Generation

To encourage the development of business ideas in the rural population, along with their implementation, through seed capital, with the purpose of improving the income of peasant families.


To strengthen rural business projects which have already been created, in order to guarantee their sustainability in face of market demands.

To promote entrepreneurial educational processes. The aim is to identify and structure business opportunities which will lead to this population remaining in their communities and therefore allowing for the rural generational turnover.

Food Security

To create the conditions under which poor families have access to a permanent supply of food of an excellent quality which will be provided by the production of their own land.


To reinstate their ancestral culture of producing nutritious, fresh and low cost products on the farm.

To establish strategic alliances with institutions whose experience and presence in rural areas guarantee the success and permanency of our programs.


Health and Integral Development

To work with all the potential that the rural sector has, from a health/environment/family standpoint, towards the building of a culture of biodiversity protection as well as the conservation of natural resources.

To work towards the improvement in the quality of life for peasant families and their environment, by developing measures which allow us to apply sustainable and environmentally and friendly production practices.